Customer Service

At Gc we hope that your quality Gc timepiece will continue to give you pleasure and satisfaction for years to come. As such we believe that excellent customer service is essential. You will find here tips on how to care for your timepiece and maintain your guarantee as well as who to contact in case of repair. To ensure long life of your timepiece, only trust it to a professional Gc accredited service center. Guarantees are only given with genuine Gc timepieces purchased from legitimate official Gc dealers - Beware of counterfeits!


A Gc watch, like all precision micro-mechanical devices, should be serviced at least once every two years by a Gc accredited agent.


A hard knock might cause the watch to lose its water-resistance without you realizing it. Therefore, if you plan to use your watch under water, it is essential to have the water-resistance checked at least every 12 months. If the case has to be opened for any reason, ask your Gc agent to check the waterproof seals for the case back glass and crown, and replace them if necessary.

Quartz watches

Quartz movements are powered by a battery. Non-lithium batteries will stay charged for 12 to 18 months, before a sudden loss of energy causes the watch to stop. Some watches are fitted with a battery end-of-life (E.O.L.) indicator: when the battery is about to run down, the seconds-hand starts to jump every four seconds. When this happens, replace the battery immediately. A dead battery inside the watch might damage the movement.

Your guarantee

Always have your watch checked, serviced and repaired by a Gc Agent to maintain your guarantee.

Preventative Methods

Avoid extreme changes in force or temperature to ensure long life accuracy of quartz timepieces.
Temperature: No sudden temperature changes or extreme temperatures (over 60°C (140°F) or under 0°C (32°F).
Magnetic fields: No intense magnetic fields (loudspeakers, refrigerators and other electromagnetic appliances…).
Protect your watch movement.
Remember not only water is unsafe for a watch movement: detergents and dust can seriously damage a watch.
Make sure that the crown has been pushed/ screwed down tightly.
Make sure not to activate the time-setting crown and/or the pushers while the watch is under water.


Use a soft tissue to clean the case and crystal of your Gc timepiece.
If the case and crystal look very dirty, use a soft tissue dipped in soapy water.

Do Not
Do not clean a leather strap with anything other than clean water.
Never use chemical products like petroleum spirits to clean your Gc timepiece.