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La Précision du Style

A symbol of individual flair with a dedication to unique style and premium quality, Gc combines the best in Swiss Precision with the best in French design as a mark of true distinction.

Since its creation in 1997, the Gc brand has continued to grow its presence in the premium sector with its own special style-take on the world of watches.  Luxury materials, premium looks, exceptional details, striking colour combinations and bold silhouettes.  Timepieces that turn heads and make you look twice.

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Gc Timepieces

The Best of Swiss Precision and French Style

At the heart of every Gc timepiece there is a quality Swiss Made movement, offering the highest level in PRECISION, as expected in a premium watch. Be this a simple three hand watch, a multi-function or a complex chronograph, all Gc customers can be certain that their watch will keep perfect time.

Over and above functionality, what matters most is STYLE. Gc is a “style brand”, founded by the French-born Marciano brothers, built upon a promise of offering quality and value and a distinctive look. Whether for its fully Swiss Made timepieces or its Swiss movement line (assembled in the historical French watchmaking city of Besançon), all watch design is piloted from Paris, internationally renowned capital of luxury fashion, to which style-seekers flock to absorb the latest trends.

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Confidence is Everything

Gc is not for the shy – it is a confident brand for confident people – quality products that express style and a love for premium lifestyle. The Gc customers are global citizens, metropolitan upwardly bound personal style seekers – nothing will hold them back and their Gc timepiece is there to express their quest for the out of the ordinary as it accompanies them on their personal style journey.