Our Story


Over 20 years ago, our French-born founder, famous designer Paul Marciano, dreamed of creating a unique watch brand with a central aspiration in mind: Iconic European timepieces of exceptional quality and styles to be worn as bold personal style statements.

Gc Timepieces

The Best of Swiss Precision and French Style

Gc combines the very best in Swiss precision with the sophistication of French style to produce bold statement timepieces. Urbane, distinct and alluring, Gc watches are crafted to be as striking and unique as the individuals who wear them. Our dedication to bold style and elevated quality is a mark of true distinction in the watch industry and sets the brand apart.

Confidence is Everything

Gc believes in empowering people to find their own style and to lead where others follow. Reflecting a European heritage that encourages self-expression, Gc designs watches that embrace and celebrates your personal style.

“La Précision du Style” defines our passion for the best of Swiss Precision and French style.